CV Daniel Brügge, M.Sc.

Passionate software engineer with long lasting hands-on expertise in designing and implementing distributed scalable applications (mobile, web, backend)

Davidstraße 15, D-04109 Leipzig

0176 23 23 04 30

Languages: DE, EN


Technical University of Munich; Munich, Germany — Master of Computer Science, 2007 (distributed systems)

Thesis: Conception and implementation of a multi-agent system for information extraction in the context of a mobile application (grade: 1.0).

Total grade: 1.9 (passed with merit)

Technical University of Munich; Munich, Germany — Bachelor of Computer Science, 2004 (databases)

Thesis: Conception and implementation of a distributed multi-agent system for persisting and exchanging RDF data (grade: 1.0).

Total grade: total grade: 2.5 (cum laude)

Professional experience

Software Developer (self employed), HAPPY CODING UG, Leipzig 2014 - present

Developing software solutions for different clients (e.g. DIW Berlin, DFL, Beck et al GmbH) mainly using Java, Python and Javascript and Amazon Web Services.

Developing on own projects like Voice User Interfaces (VUI) with Amazon Alexa and music applications using C++.

Example projects

AWS Lex, Python + Slack based chatbot for exporting aggregated social media data to customers.

AWS Lambda based API using Java, DynamoDB, Cloudfront, API Gateway, AWS SAM. This projects includes also the implementation of a Jenkins-based Continous Integration setup for a multi-staging environment.

Serverless application for managing entities using Vui.js, Python and couple of AWS services like Cognito, Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, Amplify.

Development of multiple iOS applications for sending MIDI data to external software or hardware devices using C++ and JUCE.

Bringing an system with > 70 bare metal servers to an SQS/SNS/ECS/Lambda/S3/DynamoDB powered on-demand hybrid-system. With less maintenance and better cost-control.

PoC for aggregating machine data for an automotive supplier using Java8/Lambda/DynamoDB/S3.

Replacement of Jetty-based API with an API Gateway/Lambda/VPC solution.

Serverless component based on Lambda+Node.js to extract content from webpages.

Web application for a comunnity of economic science post-docs using PHP and October CMS.

CTO, Valuescope GmbH, Munich 2009 - 2014

Designing and implementing “Big data” analysis applications for social media monitoring. Using MongoDB, Elasticsearch and Java.

Software Developer, Piins Ltd., London 2008 - 2009

Software developer for a web annotation system using PHP and JavaScript.

Software Developer, star/trac GmbH, Munich 2007 - 2008

Freelance software developer in the field of supply chain management tools. Different external clients and using Java.


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